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Download SQL Interview Questions and Answers PDF

SQL is a very important language if you want to make your career in database field. It’s also very important for test engineers as SQL questions are asked in the interview. You must know all the simple queries, their basics and how to write them effectively. It’s a totally practical based language. If you don’t know how to write query then nothing can be done. However it’s very easy to learn SQL and you can learn by yourself and youtube videos.

In order to clear any SQL interview or database interview, you must know answers to commonly asked questions. SQL is not a very vast subject and hence interview questions are also limited. However, unlimited number of queries are there that you must know how to write. Specially there are some important queries which are normally asked in interviews. You can prepare them in advance to answer if they are asked in interview. Below files can be used by freshers as well as experienced people.

Below is the list of SQL Interview Questions and Answers PDF:

  1. SQL DBMS Interview Questions and Answers PDF 1 
  2. SQL Interview Questions and Answers PDF 2
  3. SQL Interview Questions and Answers PDF 3
  4. SQL Interview Questions and Answers PDF 4

Download all the four files and start reading then you will come to know which one matches your syllabus. Try to read questions from every file as it will give you a broad approach as how to answer the questions properly. If it’s out of syllabus questions then leave it.

If you like to read from a book for the interview of SQL then we are providing you the name of books that you can purchase for preparation :

  1. Pl/Sql Interview Questions, 2011 Ed (English) (Paperback) by Sohina Om Paul
  2. Oracle PL/SQL Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations : Oracle PL/SQL FAQ (Oracle Interview Questions Series) (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) by Terry Sanchez
  3. ORACLE PL/SQL Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely be Asked (English) (Paperback) by Vibrant Publishers

These books are enough for the preparation of SQL interview. We will be coming up with more study material, guides, tips and trick for SQL queries in the future. You can download all those free pdf files from this website. Till then, you need to download the interview pdf and purchase books to start your preparation for SQL interview.

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