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Best Books for Learning HTML for Beginners

Hyper text markup language which is basically known as HTML by everyone. HTML is a very important language if you are into designing web page. HTML is used along with CSS and Javascript to design web pages. There is a lot of demand for HTML programmers. HTML is also a very simple language yet you have to practice a lot to know about all the features. HTML is quite similar to XML.

There are many advantages of HTML language. We are listing few of advantages of HTML :

  • HTML is totally flexible and supported on almost all the browsers.
  • It’s efficient, consistent and user friendly.
  • It’s very easier to maintain the website coded with HTML.
  • You can make search engine friendly pages with HTML.
  • HTML validation and less load time are another good factors of using it.

Below are some good books to learn HTML for beginners and experienced people :

  1. Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3 (English) (Paperback) by Zak Ruvalcaba
  2. HTML5 : Up And Running (English) (Paperback) by Mark Pilgrim
  3. Html 5 In Simple Steps (English) (Paperback) by Kogent Learning Solutions Inc
  4. Html 5 Foundations (English) (Paperback) by Matt West
  5. HTML 5 and CSS 3 Made Simple (With CD) (English) (Paperback) by Ivan Bayross

People love to learn HTML language because of the various advantages of it. If you know the HTML language then there are chances that you will get placed in a web designing company. These company pay huge salaries to a good programmer. You can get above books to start learning HTML. Few books also contain CSS which is also very useful and is used along with the HTML.

Basics of HTML language can be understood by following tutorials on online website. There are many good websites which are purely dedicated to programming languages only. You can find and learn HTML there topic by topic. If you are searching for PDF of HTML book then you can search the internet. You will not find these books mentioned above but you can find some other books.

We will also be uploading pdf ebooks on HTML for practice for you guys in next few days so that you can download for free. Till then, take these books and start your preparation on HTML language and stay tuned for other updates.

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