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Best Books for Learning Manual Testing

Manual testing is one of the easiest domain that you will encounter in your life. Basically it’s all theory. There are hundreds of concepts which needs to be memorized to learn everything in Manual testing. Simply learning the theory is not enough though, you need to learn how to apply those in real time applications while doing testing. There are number of institutes who provide a 2 month course in manual testing. However you can learn the manual testing all by yourself. You simply need a good book and few Youtube videos explaining you the whole process as how to apply those theory concepts.

There are number of testing types which then are again divided into many. The two most important things to learn in manual testing is Software development life cycle and Software test life cycle. If you can learn and follow everything given in these two things then you can say you know manual testing. Few of the testing types are : Smoke testing, integration testing, system testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, adhoc testing etc…

Manual testing is a part of Software testing. Software testing includes both manual plus automation testing using tools like selenium and QTP.

Below are some of the best books on Manual Testing for Beginners :

  1. SOFTWARE TESTING CONCEPTS AND TOOLS (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) by Nageshwar Rao Pusuluri by DreamTech Press
  2. Software Testing : Principles and Practices (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) by Pearson
  3. Foundations of Software Testing : ISTQB Certification (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by CLIPL
  4. SOFTWARE TESTING (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Ron Patton by Pearson
  5. Software Testing Principles And Practices (English) (Paperback) by Naresh Chauhan by Oxford University Press.

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Below is the table of contents from book of dreamtech press :

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Software Engineering Evaluation

Lesson 1: Software Development Process Models
Lesson 2: Requirements Management
Lesson 3: Software Design
Lesson 4: Coding and Unit Testing
Lesson 5: Integration Testing
Lesson 6: System Testing
Lesson 7: Installation and Acceptance
Lesson 8: Customer Support/Maintenance
Unit 2: System Testing Process

Lesson 9: System Testing Process
Lesson 10: System Test Commencement
Lesson 11: System Test Planning
Lesson 12: Test Design
Lesson 13: Test Execution
Lesson 14: Test Reporting and Defect Tracking
Unit 3: WinRunner 8.0

Lesson 15: Introduction to WinRunner
Lesson 16: Checkpoints in WinRunner
Lesson 17: Data Driven and Batch Testing
Lesson 18: Improve Test Automation in WinRunner
Lesson 19: GUI Mapping
Lesson 20: Web Test Option in WinRunner
Unit 4: QTP 8.2

Lesson 21: QuickTestPro Introduction
Lesson 22: Edit Test Scripts
Lesson 23: Improving Test Automation in QTP
Lesson 24: Data Driven and Batch Testing
Lesson 25: Web Test Options in QTP
Unit 5: LoadRunner 8.0

Lesson 26: Introduction to Performance Testing
Lesson 27: VuserScript Creation Using LoadRunner
Lesson 28: VuserScript Execution and Results Analysis
Unit 6: TestDirector 8.0

Lesson 29: Site Administrator
Lesson 30: Understanding TestDirector
Appendix A: FAQ on Testing Concept
Appendix B: FAQ on Tools

However there are number of other testing processes that you will find. A single book purely dedicated to manual testing is not there hence you need to read and understand from multiple book and also from the internet to learn all the possible concepts of manual testing.

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