Download Top GK Static App for Bank and SSC Exams 2016

Number of government exams such SBI Clerk, SBI PO, SSC CGL Mains etc… are coming up in next few days and months. SSC always gives static GK in its paper. From last year, IBPS has also started giving static GK in the general awareness section of every bank and insurance exams. It’s very important to learn static GK to increase your marks. You can easily increase 3-4 marks if you know most of the important static information about India. 

Below is one of the best static GK app that you can download for any government exam. It’s a quiz app. If you will practice daily then you can learn almost all the questions very easily. You can even check your marks after each quiz. Below are the categories that you will find in this app. 

Download the app from this link :

gk Quiz app

Below are the list of categories that you will find in this app. We will add more categories in our next upcoming update.

1. Chief Minister of States
2. Capitals of all States
3. Governor of all States
4. Currency of Important Countries
5. Important Days
6. Important Awards
7. Headquarters of all Banks
8. Headquarters of all Important institutions like UNESCO, IMF etc…
9. Cabinet Ministers of India

10. Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants of India
11. National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries of India
13. Dams, Dances and Awards

Download the app from this link :

Here are some of the features of the app:

1. You will be given 3 lives, 3 lifelines and 30 second timer on the questions.
2. Your scores will be saved in the game. You can save after the end of the each session.
3. Questions will be randomly presented on the screen every time. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the same category or any other category.
4. You can share the scores on social media as well.

Hopefully you will like it.

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