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C is one of the most important programming language which is basically the beginning of your programming. C programming language is taught in your first semester or third semester of your engineering. C is taught to all the branches or streams right from ECE to Mechanical. As C is one of the simplest among the languages hence an interviewer sometimes presumes that you know atleast some basic programming. Companies like Accenture, Infosys, HCL, TCS, Wipro, iGATE, ITC still hire students for C domain and if you know the language very well then you can get placed easily.

Normally basic questions are asked in interviews on C and common programs. However it’s possible that you may not remember all the things after the first year and hence you need to refresh it before going to an interview. C++ and java are almost same but they have different features and are loaded with more things than C. We are going to provide you number of PDF files which you can download for free and can prepare for interview.

Here is the list of C Interview Questions and Answers PDF :

  1. Turbo C Programming Interiew Questions with Answers PDF
  2. C Programming-Most 50 Questions Asked with Answers PDF
  3. C-Interview Questions and Answers PDF
  4. C Interview Questions and Answers PDF

These files contains both questions and answers which will be really useful in interview. The files can be used by both freshers and experienced people. If you can remember and understand the basic concepts of C language then you will easily able to answer the questions in interview. The files may have repeating question with different aspect of answering.

Many students don’t like to read from PDF files. Book is always the best to read or learn anything. Below is the list of books that we are suggesting which will help you in C programming interview.

Out of these, 2nd book is really good as it contains interview questions from C, C++ and Java. If you want to learn from a book then we highly suggest you to purchase any one of the books. If you want to learn sample programs of C with solutions the visit : C Programming and search for C programs. There are lot of basic programs on C,C++ and java on the website. We will be coming with more PDF study material and guides for C programming that you will be able to download for free, till then prepare from these PDF files….

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