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C# is one of the most important programming language which is in huge demand. Companies are hiring in bulk for candidates who know .NET or have certificate in it. C# is one of the languages that you are taught if you do a .NET course. C# is quite similar to java language. It has same basics, concepts and other things. However, it becomes little bit different when used with microsoft technologies. You can learn all those things only when you do a course somewhere.

Mostly basic questions are asked in C# interview and they expect you to be good in basics. Most of the companies give training after placement and hence they do not expect everyone to be super perfect. We are going to provide you the files which will help you in answering most of those questions. The PDF files below can be used by both freshers and experienced.

Here is the list of C# Interview Questions and Answers PDF files :

Above files contains all the questions and answers that can be asked. It also contains top 50 questions that are normally asked in the interview. In order to answers programing questions, you need to understand the whole programming concepts and rules. Without knowing those, you can’t answer the programming part. You need a lot of study for that.

If you like to learn and read from a book rather than a PDF file, then here we are giving a list of C# interview books which will help you out in learning about interview questions and answers :

  1. Rockin the C# Interview: A comprehensive question and answer reference guide for the C# programming language by Greg Unger

  2. C# Interview Questions You’ll Most Likely Be Asked by Vibrant Publishers

These two books are enough to learn and know about C# interview questions and answers. We will be coming up with more study material and guide for C# in PDF format that you can download for free from this website. Till then, download the PDF file, purchase the books and start your preparation of C# interview. The more you read and prepare, the more you will be able to answer in the interview.

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