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Best Books for SAT Math Level 1 Subject Test Preparation

Thousand of students across the globe give SAT and SAT subject test to get admission in the best universities across USA. While most of the students appear for SAT exam, there are many other students who also give SAT subject tests. There are many subjects to choose from. However it totally depends on you as which one interests you. It’s not a mandatory exam for taking admissions to colleges in US. However in order to show college that you have extra knowledge in a particular field will boost your chances of getting admission in that college. 

Secondly many colleges are there which give preference to SAT subject tests while taking admission. However you need to find those colleges first. Find the best colleges which take admission on the basis of subject test and also the subjects they are giving preference too. 

SAT Math Level 1 Subject test is one of the most common exams taken by students as maths is quite easier compared to other language subject test. If you are already good in mathematics than go ahead and take the Math Level 1 subject test. 

Best Books on MATH Level 1 Subject Test for exam preparation :

  1. The Official SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics Levels 1 & 2 Study Guide by The College Board
  2. Cracking the SAT Math 1 & 2 Subject Tests, 2013-2014 Edition (College Test Preparation) by Princeton Review

  3. SAT Subject test Math Level 1, 4th edition (Barron’s Sat Subject Test Math Level 1) by Ira K. Wolf Ph.D

  4. Dr. John Chung’s SAT II Math Level 1: 10 Complete Tests designed for perfect score on the SAT. by Dr John Chung

  5. Dr. John Chung’s SAT Math: 58 Perfect Tips and 20 Complete Tests, 3rd Edition by Dr. John Chung

If you are planning to give SAT Math Level 1 test then we believe that you are already proficient in maths. These book will further enhance your knowledge according to the questions that are asked in the exam. Books also contains numerous tip, tricks, techniques and method to solve different kinds of problems. You must buy the last book by Dr. John Chung which contains super tips as how you can crack this paper with highest marks. 

There are many other books available in the market. However these books are standard books and published from known publications. Thousands of students prefer these books for scoring high marks in the SAT subject test. If you have any other book in mind, do let us know about it. 

We will also be bringing PDF study material so that you can download it for free for extra preparation. We will also be uploading previous year question papers and sample papers for practice. Keep practicing and then schedule your test and score maximum marks. 

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