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Best Books for SAT II Modern Hebrew Test Preparation

Modern Hebrew is one of the many languages that you can give as a SAT subject test. There are thousands of students who choose modern Hebrew as one of their SAT subject test. However majority of those students actually speak Hebrew language and it becomes an easy exam for them compared to them who don’t speak the language. You can expect high average score for this subject. If you really want to increase your marks for this SAT subject test then you have to study deep enough to understand grammar and other things.

Modern Hebrew is not available on all dates of SAT. You need to check out specific dates and months on which you can give the exam. It can be checked via college boards website. The average score of Modern Hebrew is around 650+. You can reach up to 700 if you study and practice regularly. There is no other way. As many colleges accept subject test scores, you can submit Hebrew as one of the subject test.

Here are best prep books on Modern Hebrew that you can refer : 

  1. HEBREW (MODERN) (SAT Subject Test Series) (Passbooks) (COLLEGE BOARD SAT SUBJECT TEST SERIES (SAT)) by Jack Rudman
  2. The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests by The College Board
  3. A Step by Step Guide to Modern Hebrew by Michael Rose and Ezri Uval
  4. Modern Hebrew for Beginners: A Multimedia Program for Students at the by Esther Raizen

Not so many books are available for Hebrew SAT II subject score as number of students giving this subject exam is very low. Still, you can have the above books to learn and practice Hebrew language for SAT exam. You can refer first two books for SAT while next two are for learning and practicing Modern Hebrew if you are a total newbie of this language.

We will try to find some more study material PDF and notes for Hebrew subject test. Till then, you need to practice whatever study material you have right now. As far as preparation guides are concerned, you can have first two mentioned above. You can practice question on Hebrew by going to the college boards website to get an idea as how the questions will come. Keep visiting the website for latest information regarding SAT II exam.

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