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Best Books for SAT II Japanese Test Preparation

Just like Korean, Chinese and Italian, Japanese is yet another SAT subject test mainly given by students who speak Japanese. The average score for Japanese with listening is pretty high compared to languages such as Latin, Hebrew, French, German. If you want to compete with Japanese students then you have to eat the Japanese prep books 😉 Still you can get good marks if you have the right material to study from. You may not score that much high but you can score decent marks to get admission in a good college depending on Japanese with listening SAT score.

There is no particular book available in the market specially made for SAT exam. Hence you need to learn from other books which are good in Japanese. You can look out local book stores for Japanese books for SAT Exam. Check out the below books if they can help you out.

Best Books for Learning Japanese Language ( Take help from these for SAT II):

Keep one thing in mind. These books are not made for SAT exam. I am suggesting you to learn from these books as they are extremely popular for learning Japanese language. You can practice Hiragana and Katakana from third book which comes in the SAT exam. Click on the link and read customer reviews about the book and decide yourself whether you want to read or not.

If you know any book which is available for Japanese with listening, do let us know so that we can update the page with that book also. Till then, get any one of these and start your preparation for Japanese with listening. Best of Luck.

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