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Best Books for SAT II German Test Preparation

SAT II subject tests are given by many candidates throughout world. In number of colleges, SAT II subject scores are considered and your good score in subject tests will make a lot of difference in getting admission to that particular college. Some universities and colleges require more than 2 subject test scores to be submitted for taking admission in them. You have to choose wisely as which one to select or not. If you have a proficiency in German language then it will be a good choice to select it as a SAT II subject test. 

Last time I checked, the average score for German language was around 620. You must be scoring well above these marks in other subject test and SAT test. If you study German on a regular basis then you can easily crack this average score and score way more than this. It all depends on practice. If you speak German or it’s your mother tongue then it will be quite easy to score best possible marks. However, practice will make you more good. 

Here is the list of best books on German SAT II subject test that you can refer : 

  1. The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition by The College Board
  2. GERMAN (SAT Subject Test Series) (Passbooks) (COLLEGE BOARD SAT SUBJECT TEST SERIES (SAT)) by Jack Rudman 
  3. The Best Test Preparation for the: Sat II : Subject Test : German by Michael Busges
  4. SAT II Subject Test: German — The Best Test Preparation for the SAT II (Test Preps) by Michael Busges, Frederic Curry, James V. McMahon and Linda Thomas

The SAT German Passbook® prepares you for your test by allowing you to take practice exams modeled after the real SAT Subject Test. It provides hundreds of questions and answers that require knowledge of the German language, including grammar, parts of speech and appropriate context. These questions are similar to the ones you will find on your upcoming exam, including but not limited to: sentence completion; reading comprehension (short and long passages); vocabulary; and idioms.

Purchase one of these German books and start preparing for SAT II exam. You can give SAT II exams in the coming months of October, November and December. However you need to check whether German language is available on those dates or not. Keep visiting the website as we will be uploading study material PDF which will contain practice sets and sample papers for extra preparation. Till then, start reading from these books.

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