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Download Mathematics Formulas PDF for Exams

Mathematics is a very important subject in terms of school, college exams as well as competition exams. You can solve most of the questions given in a paper when there is no time limit. But when the time limit is introduced then you need to solve fast with accuracy. Certainly you can not solve every questions with methods given in school books or any competition books. You need shortcut formulas which can make your work easier. You need to learn, remember and practice these maths aptitude formulas in order to score high marks. 

There are numerous chapters for which you want to have maths formulas. We found a book which contains 1300 maths formulas from every possible chapter. You will find formulas from Sets to probability chapter. Download the PDF given below and note down all the formulas that you require for exams. If you are going to give competition exams then note down all the formulas related to aptitude questions which are mainly asked in the exam. 

Download the 1300 Mathematics Formulas PDF eBook

Here is the list of chapters on which formulas are given in this book : 

  1. Number Sets
  2. Algebra
  3. Geometry
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Matrices and Determinants
  6. Vectors
  7. Analytic Geometry
  8. Differential Calculus
  9. Integral Calculus
  10. Differential Equations
  11. Series
  12. Probability

These chapter are further divided into various topics such as Geometry is divided into : Triangle, Square, rectangle, Parellelogram, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Kite, Quadrilateral, Hexagon, Circle, Cube, Prism, Pyramids, Solids, Ellipse, Sphere and Circular Torus. Like this all the above chapters are divided into multiple section with their formulas. It contains all the basic maths formulas as well as many engineering mathematics formulas for free download. 

Note down those formulas which you require as you cannot remember all 1300 formulas. Try to solve questions using formulas and this is also the best way to memorize the formulas. We will be bringing some more PDF files related to formulas of competition exams soon. Till then stay tuned..

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