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Best Books for Learning HTML for Beginners

Hyper text markup language which is basically known as HTML by everyone. HTML is a very important language if you are into designing web page. HTML is used along with CSS and Javascript to design web pages. There is a lot of demand for HTML programmers. HTML is also a very simple language yet you have to practice a lot to know about all the features. HTML is quite similar to XML.

There are many advantages of HTML language. We are listing few of advantages of HTML :

  • HTML is totally flexible and supported on almost all the browsers.
  • It’s efficient, consistent and user friendly.
  • It’s very easier to maintain the website coded with HTML.
  • You can make search engine friendly pages with HTML.
  • HTML validation and less load time are another good factors of using it.

Below are some good books to learn HTML for beginners and experienced people :

  1. Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3 (English) (Paperback) by Zak Ruvalcaba
  2. HTML5 : Up And Running (English) (Paperback) by Mark Pilgrim
  3. Html 5 In Simple Steps (English) (Paperback) by Kogent Learning Solutions Inc
  4. Html 5 Foundations (English) (Paperback) by Matt West
  5. HTML 5 and CSS 3 Made Simple (With CD) (English) (Paperback) by Ivan Bayross

People love to learn HTML language because of the various advantages of it. If you know the HTML language then there are chances that you will get placed in a web designing company. These company pay huge salaries to a good programmer. You can get above books to start learning HTML. Few books also contain CSS which is also very useful and is used along with the HTML.

Basics of HTML language can be understood by following tutorials on online website. There are many good websites which are purely dedicated to programming languages only. You can find and learn HTML there topic by topic. If you are searching for PDF of HTML book then you can search the internet. You will not find these books mentioned above but you can find some other books.

We will also be uploading pdf ebooks on HTML for practice for you guys in next few days so that you can download for free. Till then, take these books and start your preparation on HTML language and stay tuned for other updates.

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Best Books for Learning Manual Testing

Manual testing is one of the easiest domain that you will encounter in your life. Basically it’s all theory. There are hundreds of concepts which needs to be memorized to learn everything in Manual testing. Simply learning the theory is not enough though, you need to learn how to apply those in real time applications while doing testing. There are number of institutes who provide a 2 month course in manual testing. However you can learn the manual testing all by yourself. You simply need a good book and few Youtube videos explaining you the whole process as how to apply those theory concepts.

There are number of testing types which then are again divided into many. The two most important things to learn in manual testing is Software development life cycle and Software test life cycle. If you can learn and follow everything given in these two things then you can say you know manual testing. Few of the testing types are : Smoke testing, integration testing, system testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, adhoc testing etc…

Manual testing is a part of Software testing. Software testing includes both manual plus automation testing using tools like selenium and QTP.

Below are some of the best books on Manual Testing for Beginners :

  1. SOFTWARE TESTING CONCEPTS AND TOOLS (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) by Nageshwar Rao Pusuluri by DreamTech Press
  2. Software Testing : Principles and Practices (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) by Pearson
  3. Foundations of Software Testing : ISTQB Certification (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by CLIPL
  4. SOFTWARE TESTING (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Ron Patton by Pearson
  5. Software Testing Principles And Practices (English) (Paperback) by Naresh Chauhan by Oxford University Press.

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Below is the table of contents from book of dreamtech press :

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Software Engineering Evaluation

Lesson 1: Software Development Process Models
Lesson 2: Requirements Management
Lesson 3: Software Design
Lesson 4: Coding and Unit Testing
Lesson 5: Integration Testing
Lesson 6: System Testing
Lesson 7: Installation and Acceptance
Lesson 8: Customer Support/Maintenance
Unit 2: System Testing Process

Lesson 9: System Testing Process
Lesson 10: System Test Commencement
Lesson 11: System Test Planning
Lesson 12: Test Design
Lesson 13: Test Execution
Lesson 14: Test Reporting and Defect Tracking
Unit 3: WinRunner 8.0

Lesson 15: Introduction to WinRunner
Lesson 16: Checkpoints in WinRunner
Lesson 17: Data Driven and Batch Testing
Lesson 18: Improve Test Automation in WinRunner
Lesson 19: GUI Mapping
Lesson 20: Web Test Option in WinRunner
Unit 4: QTP 8.2

Lesson 21: QuickTestPro Introduction
Lesson 22: Edit Test Scripts
Lesson 23: Improving Test Automation in QTP
Lesson 24: Data Driven and Batch Testing
Lesson 25: Web Test Options in QTP
Unit 5: LoadRunner 8.0

Lesson 26: Introduction to Performance Testing
Lesson 27: VuserScript Creation Using LoadRunner
Lesson 28: VuserScript Execution and Results Analysis
Unit 6: TestDirector 8.0

Lesson 29: Site Administrator
Lesson 30: Understanding TestDirector
Appendix A: FAQ on Testing Concept
Appendix B: FAQ on Tools

However there are number of other testing processes that you will find. A single book purely dedicated to manual testing is not there hence you need to read and understand from multiple book and also from the internet to learn all the possible concepts of manual testing.

We will be coming up with free PDF ebooks which you can download to learn manual testing. Currently we are in the process of making the book. Subscribe in the form given below so that you can get all the latest updates right inside your mail about manual testing.

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Best Books for Learning C++ Programming for Beginners

C++ is one of the programming language which got developed after C programming language with more features and functions. It is totally an enhancement to C language. You will find many new features which were not present in C language. These features provide more security and permission as how to code your program for applications. C++ is also an old language yet it’s in huge demand by number of companies. Companies like Accenture, infosys, wipro, csc, igate hire candidates for the domain which include C ++.

If you know C language very well then it will not be hard for you to understand and start your programming in C++ language. You just need to learn new functions and features and how to apply that in your program. Logical wise everything is same in both language. There are number of book available for beginners and experienced people too. Those who know other programming languages and want to learn C++ then below books are best for them.

Here is the List of Best Books on C++ Language for Freshers as well as Experienced :

  1. C++: The Complete Reference : The Complete Reference (English) 4th Edition (Paperback) by Herbert Schildt by Tata Macgraw Hill Publications
  2. Object Oriented Programming with C++ (English) 6th Edition (Paperback) by E. Balagurusamy by TMH
  3. C++ Primer Plus (English) 6th Edition (Paperback) by Stephen Prata by Pearson Publications
  4. Let Us C++ 2nd Edition (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Yashwant Kanetkar
  5. The C++ Programming Language (English) 3rd Edition (Paperback) by Bjarne Stroustrup by Pearson Publications India

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Below is the table of contents of C++ by Herbet Schildt :

Part I: The Foundation of C++: The C Subset

1: An Overview of C
2: Expressions
3: Statements
4: Arrays and Null-terminated Strings
5: Pointers
6: Functions
7: Structures, Unions, Enumerations and User-Defined Types
8: C-Style Console I/O
9: File I/O
10: The Preprocessor and Comments

Part II: C++

11: An Overview of C++
12: Classes and Objects
13: Arrays, Pointers, References and the Dynamic Allocation Operators
14: Function Overloading, Copy Constructors and Default Arguments
15: Operator Overloading
16: Inheritance
17: Virtual Functions and Polymorphism
18: Templates
19: Exception Handling
20: The C++ I/O System Basics
21: C++ File I/O
22: Run-Time Type ID and the Casting Operators
23: Name spaces, Conversion Functions and Other Advanced Topics
24: Introducing the Standard Template Library

Part III: The Standard Function Library

25: The C-Based I/O Functions
26: The String and Character Functions
27: The Mathematical Functions
28: Time, Date and Localization Functions
29: The Dynamic Allocation Functions
30: Utility Functions
31: The Wide-Character Functions

Part IV: The Standard C++ Class Library

32: The Standard C++ I/O Classes
33: The STL Container Classes
34: The STL Algorithms
35: STL Iterators, Allocators and Function Objects
36: The String Class
37: The Numeric Classes
38: Exception Handling and Miscellaneous Classes

Part V: Applying C++

39: Integrating New Classes: A Custom String Class
40: An Object-oriented Expression Parser

C++ contains so many things and you need to learn all of them. If you are preparing for an interview then you can learn and understand all the important concepts of C++. Later on, many companies give you training if they are taking you in for C++ development projects. If you want to be a very good programmer then you gotta learn every one of the things mentioned above.

We will be coming up more study material, tips and guides in PDF ebook form which you can download for free from this website. Don’t forget to subscribe in the given form so that you can get all the updates right inside your mail. Best of luck for your preparation of C++ language.

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Best Books for Learning C Programming for Beginners

C language is one of the oldest programming language which is still in use and multinational companies are still hiring candidates for C programming. Learning C language is pretty easy if compared to other languages. Beginners can take help of many famous books which are specifically written by famous authors for C language. C language is taught first in every engineering stream as it is the oldest and most simple of them. You must understand that it’s simple for those who are able to understand the concepts given in C language.

Chances are there that if you do not understand the C language then you will not be able to understand the other languages like C++ and Java. The same logic is actually applied in all the languages. The only difference is that the newer languages have been developed with more functions and features. As you will continue to learn C then C++ and java then you will be able to grasp and learn as how programming advanced from old times to this year.

Here is the list of Best Books on C language for starters :

  1. Let Us C (English) 13th Edition (Paperback) by Yashavant Kanetkar
  2. The C Programming Language (Ansi C Version) (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) by Prentice Publications
  3. C in Depth (English) 3rd Edition (Paperback) by SRIVASTAVA
  4. Head First C (English) 1st Edition (Paperback) by David Griffiths
  5. C: The Complete Reference (English) 4th Edition (Paperback) by Herbert Schildt by Tata Macgraw Hill pvt ltd.

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Here are some of the topics that you are going to find out in these books in detail :

– Getting Started, C Instructions, The Decision Control Structure, The Loop Control Structure ,The Case Control Structure ,Functions and   Pointers

– Data Types Revisited, The C Preprocessor, Arrays, Strings, Structures, Console Input/ Output, File Input/ Output,

– More Issues In Input/ Output, Operations On Bits, Miscellaneous Features, C Under Linux, Interview FAQs

There are number of solved programming examples to make you understand programming better. Exercises are given at the end of each chapter so you can track your progress. It’s very important to learn, practice and track yourself so that you can master the C language. Once you learn this language then it will quite easy to understand the features and concepts given in C++ and Java language.

In case you were looking to download PDF for free then it’s not available for almost every book listed above. The book are very cheap and it’s always better to read and understand the whole programming part from a real book rather than PDF files. Buy any one of the books above and start your preparation towards C programming. Best of luck.

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Programming with Java Book by Balaguruswamy

Programming in Java is yet another best selling book written by E. Balaguruswamy. Along with his other books such as Programming in C++ and C, Fundamentals of Computer and others, this book is preferred by students all over the country. Programming with Java by Balaguruswamy is considered as the best book available in the market if you want to learn java language. If you don’t have it then we highly suggest you to purchase it. 

Java language is also very important in terms of placement in IT sector. There are numerous opening for the position of Java developers in multi-national companies. If you are very good in java then certainly it will be much easier for you to crack the interview. In order to clear all your concept and to strengthen your programming skills, you need to get this book asap. 

Below is the latest edition of Programming with Java by Balaguruswamy :

MRP = RS 430

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Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 2: Java Evolution
Chapter 3: Overview of Java Language
Chapter 4: Constants, Variable and Data types
Chapter 5: Operators and Expressions
Chapter 6: Decision Making and Branching
Chapter 7: Decision Making and Looping
Chapter 8: Classes, Objects and Methods
Chapter 9: Arrays, Strings and Vectors
Chapter 10: Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance
Chapter 11: Packages: Putting Classes Together
Chapter 12: Multithreading Programming
Chapter 13: Managing Error and Exceptions
Chapter 14: Applet Programming
Chapter 15: Graphics Programming
Chapter 16: Managing Inputs/Output Files in Java
Chapter 17: Java Collections

As you can see, it contains everything that you need to learn in Java as a beginner. Even if you start from scratch then also you will be able to understand almost every concept because it given in the most simplest way. There are number of examples and programs given to make you understand the programming concept of java. You must try to make notes and PPT for easy understanding of the concept. It will help you in future also. 

We will be uploading Java related PDF study materials soon which you can download for free. You can visit our website for various basic programs of Java language. You can either download or save those pages for your reference. Till then, stay tuned and start your exam or interview preparation with this book. 

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Programming in C Book by Balaguruswamy

E. Balaguruswamy is one of the famous authors among engineers for his books on Programming in ANSI C, C++ and Programming in Java. He is very famous all over India. His programming books are best selling books on all major shopping websites. If you are doing engineering or if you have completed engineering then also you need these programming books. If you are trying to learn C language then we highly recommend Balaguruswamy’s Programming in C. 

Every concept related to C has been explained in a simple and lucid manner. You will be easily able to understand and implement the same in your programming skills. To become a good programmer, it’s always important to practice different kind of programs. Start with the simplest ones and the move on to difficult ones. This way you will become strong in programming. 

Here is the best book on C language by Balaguruswamy which you can buy at a discounted price:

Programming in C by Balaguruswamy

MRP = RS 385

Our Price = RS 211 ( 45% Discount) 

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1. Overview of C
2. Constants, Variables, and Data Types
3. Operators and Expressions
4. Managing Input and Output Operations
5. Decision Making and Branching
6. Decision Making and Looping
7. Arrays
8. Character Arrays and Strings
9. User-Defined Functions
10. Structures and Unions
11. Pointers
12. File Management in C
13. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked Lists
14. The Preprocessor
15. Developing a C Program: Some Guidelines

The books is available at a very cheap cost. The above book is the 6th edition. Other edtions like 4th and 5th are also available. Hence you can purchase it and its always good to read with a physical rather than PDF ebooks which tend to waste a lot of time. You will waste a lot of time scrolling up and down itself. We suggest you to get this book and start your preparation. Try to make notes of all important topics. Many also prefer PPT. 

We will be bringing PDF files of C programs so that you can download and learn about the basic programs of C language. You can also visit our programming website : where you can find programs on different languages such as C, C++, Java, XML, Android and many others. You can also save or download for free. 

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Best Books for Java Programming

Java programming is the most important subject of engineering specially if you belong to Computer science engineering or IT department. As far as ECE is concerned, it’s only important if you want to make your career in IT industry. Lot of multinational companies are hiring freshers in bulk for the position of Java developers. You have to be really good in Java to get placement in companies such as Capgemini, iGATE, Accenture, TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc.. The interviews for java programming in these companies are not easy. 

Even if you are in the 3rd semester right now, prepare it sincerely so that you should not forget the java programming and its concepts even after completing your engineering otherwise you will have to start fresh again. It’s really a pain in the ass to learn anything all over again. Get the below mentioned books and start reading as well as practicing all programs of java to get better hold on it.

Here is the list of best books on Java programming that you can have :

For People Outside India : Click here to get Top Books on Java Programming

Java programming books by E. Balaguruswamy and Herb Schildt are very famous across India. Every concept is explained in the most easiest way. You can trust these books. You will learn almost every possible concept of java in these books. These books are considered as the best books for beginners of java language. 

Below are the most important topics of Java programming that you must learn :

Module I

Concepts of OOP, Features of Java, How Java is different from C++, Data types, Control Statements, identifiers, arrays, operators. Inheritance: Multilevel hierarchy, method overriding, Abstract classes, Final classes, String Class. 

Module II

Defining, Implementing, Applying Packages and Interfaces, Importing Packages. Fundamentals, Types, Uncaught Exceptions, Multiple catch Clauses, Java’s Built-in Exception. 

Module III

Creating, Implementing and Extending thread, thread priorities, synchronization suspending, resuming and stopping Threads, Constructors, Various Types of String Operations. Exploring Various Basic Packages of Java: Java.lang, Java. util, Java.i.o 

Module IV

Event handling Mechanism, Event Model, Event Classes, Sources of Events, Event Listener Interfaces

AWT: Working with Windows, AWT Controls, Layout Managers 

Module V

AppletClass, Architecture, Skeleton, Display Methods.

Swings: Japplet, Icons, labels, Text Fields, Buttons, Combo Boxes.

We will also try to upload some PDF ebooks and notes of java programming along with programs so that you can download for free and practice them. You can visit : for java programs. There are almost all basic programs given. Purchase any one of the books given above and start reading from it. Install the JDK as well so that you can practice side by side as well. 

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