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Best Books for Circuits and Systems

Circuits and Systems is one of the most important subjects of Electronics and Communications engineering. Circuits and systems appears normally in the 3rd semester of your engineering. If you just entered into the 3rd semester then be assured that Circuits and Systems is going to be one of your subjects. In order to score good marks in circuits and systems, you need to understand every concept very carefully. I was never able to understand the subject ūüėČ and I barely passed.

Hence, it’s very important that you should pay attention to all the lectures in the classroom. Below we are going to suggest some important books which will help you to understand the concepts of circuits and systems. These books are known as reference books and written by famous authors. You should always books of good publishers such as TMH, Pearson etc..

Here are best books on Circuits and Systems :

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These are the best books available in the market right now. Most of the colleges prefer these books and they are added along with the syllabus for students. The last book by Kuo is more of reference book which contains exhaustive study on network analysis.

Below are the important topics of Circuits and Systems :

Module I: Graph Theory and Network equations

Graph of a network, Trees, Cotrees and loops, Cut set matrix, Tie set matrix, number of possible trees of a graph, duality, force voltage analogy, force current analogy, coupled circuits.

Module II: LTS and Signal Waveform

Unit step signal, Ramp signal, impulse signal, Laplace transformations and its properties, Gate function, Inverse Laplace transformations, Application of Laplace Transforms in circuit analysis 

Module III: Initial condition with RLC circuits and Convolution

Time and Frequency domain analysis of RLC circuits, Linear constant coefficient, differential equation, convolution Theorem, evaluation of convolution integral.

Module IV: Network Theorems

Millman’s theorem, maximum power transfer theorem, Compensation theorem, Tellegan’s theorem

Module V: Two port Network

Introduction, Driving point and transfer functions of two port, z-, y-, h-parameters, Bode plots for real poles and zeros,  Poles, Zeros and necessary condition for driving point and transfer function.

I will be uploading some PDF ebook as well in coming times for you guys so that you can download for extra preparation. However I am sure that after reading these books; you don’t need anything. You need to revise and practice again and again to fully understand all the concepts of Circuits and Systems.

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