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Best Book for Learning C# (Sharp) Programming Language

C# is a very important language which is very popular these days and it’s in huge demand by the companies. It’s also one of the languages taught under the .NET course in many institutes like NIIT and others. C# sharp is just like other languages with few extra features which makes it more suitable and better for development. The way of writing programs, logical methods are also the same. The only difference lies in the fact that the commands and instructions of writing the program changes.

If you already know any other programming language then you will easily figure it out within few hours. You can learn all the new features introduced in C# which makes it different from other languages like java and C++. Even if you are a beginner or fresher then also the below books are going to help you out. Experienced people can increase their skills too. If you know C sharp very well then you can get good placement in many companies like Accenture, TCS, Wipro, HCL and others.

Below is the list of good book to learn C# programming language :

  1. C# 2010 Programming: Covers .Net 4.0, Black Book (English) (Paperback) by DreamTech
  2. Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with C# (English) (Paperback) by Jack Purdum
  3. Pro C# with .NET 3.0 (English) 5th Edition (Paperback) by Andrew Troelsen by Wiley
  4. Programming in C# 3e by Balagurusamy E-English-Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited-Paperback_Edition-3rd (English) 3rd Edition (Paperback) by BALAGURUSAMY
  5. C# 2008 In Simple Steps (English) (Paperback) by Kogent Solutions Inc.

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Below are the topics that you are going to learn in most of these books :

  • Introducing C#
  • understanding objects
  • Understanding data types
  • Understanding C# statements
  • understanding reference data types
  • Making decisions in code
  • Statement repetition using loops
  • Understanding arrays and collections
  • Designing classes
  • Designing and writing custom classes
  • Exception handling and debugging
  • Generics
  • Using disk data files
  • Using databases
  • Using line
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Printing and threading
  • Web programming

As I have personally did .NET course that’s why i can say it’s damn simple. You simply need to understand and practice few programs and you will able to do everything just like java. You can also practice all the basic programs that you did in C or C++ or java language. Try doing the same in C# language.

We will be uploading free study material for C# programming language in upcoming times so that you can download for extra practice. If you are searching for PDF files of these books on internet then it’s not available and it’s always recommended that you should study from a real book rather than studying from PDF book. Buy any one of the book and start your learning towards c# programming language.

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Programming with Java Book by Balaguruswamy

Programming in Java is yet another best selling book written by E. Balaguruswamy. Along with his other books such as Programming in C++ and C, Fundamentals of Computer and others, this book is preferred by students all over the country. Programming with Java by Balaguruswamy is considered as the best book available in the market if you want to learn java language. If you don’t have it then we highly suggest you to purchase it. 

Java language is also very important in terms of placement in IT sector. There are numerous opening for the position of Java developers in multi-national companies. If you are very good in java then certainly it will be much easier for you to crack the interview. In order to clear all your concept and to strengthen your programming skills, you need to get this book asap. 

Below is the latest edition of Programming with Java by Balaguruswamy :

MRP = RS 430

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Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 2: Java Evolution
Chapter 3: Overview of Java Language
Chapter 4: Constants, Variable and Data types
Chapter 5: Operators and Expressions
Chapter 6: Decision Making and Branching
Chapter 7: Decision Making and Looping
Chapter 8: Classes, Objects and Methods
Chapter 9: Arrays, Strings and Vectors
Chapter 10: Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance
Chapter 11: Packages: Putting Classes Together
Chapter 12: Multithreading Programming
Chapter 13: Managing Error and Exceptions
Chapter 14: Applet Programming
Chapter 15: Graphics Programming
Chapter 16: Managing Inputs/Output Files in Java
Chapter 17: Java Collections

As you can see, it contains everything that you need to learn in Java as a beginner. Even if you start from scratch then also you will be able to understand almost every concept because it given in the most simplest way. There are number of examples and programs given to make you understand the programming concept of java. You must try to make notes and PPT for easy understanding of the concept. It will help you in future also. 

We will be uploading Java related PDF study materials soon which you can download for free. You can visit our website for various basic programs of Java language. You can either download or save those pages for your reference. Till then, stay tuned and start your exam or interview preparation with this book. 

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Programming in C Book by Balaguruswamy

E. Balaguruswamy is one of the famous authors among engineers for his books on Programming in ANSI C, C++ and Programming in Java. He is very famous all over India. His programming books are best selling books on all major shopping websites. If you are doing engineering or if you have completed engineering then also you need these programming books. If you are trying to learn C language then we highly recommend Balaguruswamy’s Programming in C. 

Every concept related to C has been explained in a simple and lucid manner. You will be easily able to understand and implement the same in your programming skills. To become a good programmer, it’s always important to practice different kind of programs. Start with the simplest ones and the move on to difficult ones. This way you will become strong in programming. 

Here is the best book on C language by Balaguruswamy which you can buy at a discounted price:

Programming in C by Balaguruswamy

MRP = RS 385

Our Price = RS 211 ( 45% Discount) 

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1. Overview of C
2. Constants, Variables, and Data Types
3. Operators and Expressions
4. Managing Input and Output Operations
5. Decision Making and Branching
6. Decision Making and Looping
7. Arrays
8. Character Arrays and Strings
9. User-Defined Functions
10. Structures and Unions
11. Pointers
12. File Management in C
13. Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked Lists
14. The Preprocessor
15. Developing a C Program: Some Guidelines

The books is available at a very cheap cost. The above book is the 6th edition. Other edtions like 4th and 5th are also available. Hence you can purchase it and its always good to read with a physical rather than PDF ebooks which tend to waste a lot of time. You will waste a lot of time scrolling up and down itself. We suggest you to get this book and start your preparation. Try to make notes of all important topics. Many also prefer PPT. 

We will be bringing PDF files of C programs so that you can download and learn about the basic programs of C language. You can also visit our programming website : where you can find programs on different languages such as C, C++, Java, XML, Android and many others. You can also save or download for free. 

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Best Books for Java Programming

Java programming is the most important subject of engineering specially if you belong to Computer science engineering or IT department. As far as ECE is concerned, it’s only important if you want to make your career in IT industry. Lot of multinational companies are hiring freshers in bulk for the position of Java developers. You have to be really good in Java to get placement in companies such as Capgemini, iGATE, Accenture, TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc.. The interviews for java programming in these companies are not easy. 

Even if you are in the 3rd semester right now, prepare it sincerely so that you should not forget the java programming and its concepts even after completing your engineering otherwise you will have to start fresh again. It’s really a pain in the ass to learn anything all over again. Get the below mentioned books and start reading as well as practicing all programs of java to get better hold on it.

Here is the list of best books on Java programming that you can have :

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Java programming books by E. Balaguruswamy and Herb Schildt are very famous across India. Every concept is explained in the most easiest way. You can trust these books. You will learn almost every possible concept of java in these books. These books are considered as the best books for beginners of java language. 

Below are the most important topics of Java programming that you must learn :

Module I

Concepts of OOP, Features of Java, How Java is different from C++, Data types, Control Statements, identifiers, arrays, operators. Inheritance: Multilevel hierarchy, method overriding, Abstract classes, Final classes, String Class. 

Module II

Defining, Implementing, Applying Packages and Interfaces, Importing Packages. Fundamentals, Types, Uncaught Exceptions, Multiple catch Clauses, Java’s Built-in Exception. 

Module III

Creating, Implementing and Extending thread, thread priorities, synchronization suspending, resuming and stopping Threads, Constructors, Various Types of String Operations. Exploring Various Basic Packages of Java: Java.lang, Java. util, Java.i.o 

Module IV

Event handling Mechanism, Event Model, Event Classes, Sources of Events, Event Listener Interfaces

AWT: Working with Windows, AWT Controls, Layout Managers 

Module V

AppletClass, Architecture, Skeleton, Display Methods.

Swings: Japplet, Icons, labels, Text Fields, Buttons, Combo Boxes.

We will also try to upload some PDF ebooks and notes of java programming along with programs so that you can download for free and practice them. You can visit : for java programs. There are almost all basic programs given. Purchase any one of the books given above and start reading from it. Install the JDK as well so that you can practice side by side as well. 

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