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Best Books for ACT Optional Writing Test

ACT has mainly four sections which are English, Reading, Mathematics and Science Reasoning. Beside these four section you can also give an optional Writing section exam which is taken at the end of the ACT exam. It is a 30 minute long test in which you have to write essays on a given prompt. The prompt is mainly related to social issues concerning high school students. These essays can affect the score of English section of your ACT exam.

ACT Writing optional test is required because many college consider it while taking admission. Although majority of the colleges and universities just need your ACT scores. The ACT test can be given 6 times a year in US while 5 times a year in other countries. For writing, there are number of book available which will help you in scoring the highest marks in Writing section in case you are attempting it.

Here are the prep books for Writing section of the ACT exam :

  1. How to Write a Killer ACT Essay by tom clements
  2. Barron’s ACT English, Reading and Writing Workbook, 2nd Edition by Linda Carnevale
  3. McGraw-Hill’s Conquering ACT English Reading and Writing, 2nd Edition by Steven Dulan
  4. Preparing for the ACT English, Reading & Writing by Robert D. Postman

The average score for the optional writing test was 7.7 during the class of 09 according to Wikipedia. You can check the latest average score from the ACT website. You can also practice questions for a particular section from the website.However, choose any one of the reference books given above and do practice the questions given in them. It will increase your speed of writing and vocabulary too.

We will be also coming up with study material PDF and previous questions asked in ACT which will help you in further preparation of your ACT exam. Till then, get the books and study hard…

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